Singer-songwriter Elena Coats’ story begins in the sleepy town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Despite being born into a family-run business far from the realm of entertainment, music was an integral part of the Coats household - something that was ‘always a part of our everyday lives’. It therefore comes as no surprise that Elena caught the music bug at an early age. From four years-old, Elena was displaying her vocal talents around the family home; and at just six she picked up her first instruments, teaching herself the piano and guitar. It was at this point that her parents realized she had a special gift. Supplying her with the tools and training to hone her musical capabilities, by the age of twelve Elena began to showcase her singing and songwriting abilities at various county fairs and music festivals, becoming very much loved and noted for her musical talents within the community. A career in music was thus imprinted in this young talent’s mind at an early age. Although an impressive student, Elena remembers her parents constantly having to nag her to put down her instruments and give her voice a rest to complete her school work. ‘Music has just always consumed me’, she notes, ‘growing up, Heart, Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers influenced my music and songwriting’. The crucial turning point in Elena’s aspirations as a musician happened when her mother picked her up from school one day having just bought her the new Taylor Swift record - ‘I remember my mom looking over at me and I just welled up with tears… I told my mom that I wanted this SO bad, to be a singer/songwriter living her dream’. It was at this moment that her mother realized that, for her daughter to pursue this dream, they would have to pack-up shop in their idyllic hometown, known for its picturesque waterfalls and canyons, and move the family to the bright lights of Los Angeles where she could be presented with more opportunity and exposure. The move has proven to be a fruitful one. Elena may only be just sixteen but her achievements present her as a force to be reckoned with and an artist-to-watch this year. She has toured, written and recorded a with one of her all-time favorite bands, ‘We The Kings’; has worked with some noteworthy writers on the Los Angeles music scene, responsible for the hits of ‘The Wanted’ and ‘John Legend’ to name a few; and performed live on national TV for morning show ‘The Talk’. All of this has led to an introduction with music producer Chino Maurice (credits include Beyonce and Christina Aguilera) who immediately decided to take Elena under his wing and mentorship - ‘he has been an incredible mentor to both myself as an artist and my mom as manager in the past few months, I’ve grown so much since working with him’. Elena is currently writing and recording in the studio with Chino and rehearsing for several upcoming showcases - devoting all of her time and energy to the next steps of her career. What to expect? ‘I am a rocker at heart’, she professes, ‘you’ll definitely hear the influences of Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and Sara Bareilles in my sound’. Things are only on the up for this budding songstress and we are excited to see what is around the corner for Elena Coats.
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